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Build Your Own Mini Greenhouse

Who would have thought you could build a plant shelter or mini greenhouse in less than two hours? Dr. Tom Harris will show you how it is done, what materials and tools you will need and how to set it up, stake it down and cover it. These shelters stand up to wind gusts and rain storms and can be converted from a shelter to a greenhouse in very little time and with little effort or expense.

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Fall Gardening...Get Ready!

It's been said that spring gardening is just practice for fall gardening. Flowers, grass, trees, shrubs and veggies all do well with fall planting. Find out how to prepare beds, select the right variety of plants, plant them, water them and fertilize them so that you will be surrounded by beauty, and all grown by you. Dr. Tom Harris.

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Natural Remedies for ADHD/Autism Spectrum/Asperger Disorder with Essential Oils

There are potential treatments for attention deficit hyperactivity, autism and asperger disorders. Natural alternatives can reprogram the brain and body to work together. Learn the recipe for a calm and peaceful child and stop facial and vocal ticks. Take home recommendations to heal the digestive system and bring sleep without nightmares. Help your child feel in control with focus, clarity and serenity. Learn the basics of essential oils, where they come from and the different grades, blends and uses. Shelby Miller, instructor.

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Introduction to Word® 2010

The smart way to learn Word® 2010-one step at a time with hand-on exercises! You will learn how to navigate the new user interface and discover how to use features in Word® to help create, edit, and proofread documents. You'll also learn how to modify the appearance of text, organize information with align features (tabs, indents, bullets), use proofing tools (spelling, grammar, thesaurus) and more (tables, headers, footers, margins). The textbook: "Word® 2010: Basic+CertBlaster" (ISBN-13:978-1-4260-2162-6) is available online at: Prerequisite: Windows training or equivalent experience. Instructor Sara Huddleston

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Western Waltz, Beginning

Adapt ballroom waltz patterns to fit the country and western night club environment. Romantic patterns will flow around the dance floor to your favorite George Strait or Brad Paisley song. This four-week class will cover the basic steps and fundamental principles of waltz as you and your partner "waltz across Texas!" Taught by Valerie Ryan. Couples only. Registration fee is per couple. No discount.

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SAT Seminar

This five-hour seminar will allow students to become more familiar with the SAT, and give them a chance to improve their scores. Students could benefit from even a small score increase in the highly competitive college entrance selection process, scholarships and invitations to enroll in special honors courses and programs. Experience shows that students who take this seminar achieve an average score increase of 5 to 20 points on the PSAT, and 50 to 200 points on the SAT. Of course, the individual score increase depends on the amount of time and effort that students spend working with the materials they will receive at this seminar. The ZAPS Learning Company has been the leading provider of ACT/SAT/PSAT test-preparation seminars since 1984.

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KidTech Computer Classes

Class is for KIN students only. KidTech teachers bring laptops to your child's KIN location, prepared to teach children how to use a computer as a tool, not a toy. All students work with our tried and true typing tutor program to learn proper touch typing. We teach the basics of Microsoft Office, at age appropriate levels, in an effort to prepare students to do research projects in Power Point for school assignments when they get to the upper grades. All software is educational (we emphasize phonics and math), and we even incorporate proprietary STEM based software for the K-2 students, Discovery Kids Puterbugs®. We do Lego Robots®, digital photography, and much, much more. Our classes have a 1:5 ratio. Students are assigned a particular computer to use individually, as long as they are enrolled. Classes are 45 minutes.Tuition may be paid quarterly or in smaller blocks, as they are listed on the website. Tuition must be paid prior to the first day of class. Classes run from 3-6 PM on the day we are at your child's school, with the time slots to be determined by KidTech.

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West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a popular, intricate dance done to rhythm and blues or slow rock and roll music. Part of its charm is the variety of patterns and styling which can be used. We will keep things simple by starting with the five basic steps and how they relate to one another, before moving on to their variations. We will give particular attention to the principles necessary for the men to give clear leads, and for the ladies to follow correctly. Valerie Ryan. Registration fee is per couple. No discount.

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