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May we suggest the following courses?

Dog Obedience, Intermediate

If your dog has passed a basic obedience course, take advantage of this next step that is designed to challenge and strengthen previously taught commands and obtain a higher level of obedience. Be sure your dog has mastered the commands of sit, heel, stay, come and down; then bring your Rover or Lassie to "graduate school" to learn off-leash walking, hand signals and new commands. At the pet's first class session, you will be requird to provide proof of current vacicination. Linda Weniger is the instructor. No discount.

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Spanish, Advanced- Literature

This course will cover Spanish literature (short stories) from all over the Spanish-speaking world (e.g. Vallejo, Rulfo, Neruda, García Marquez, Vargas Llosa). One of its goals is to give students the opportunity to explore, analyze, discuss and translate works of literature from around the Spanish-speaking world. The textbook is "Abriendo Puertas: Antologia de literatura en espanol Tomo I" (Spanish Edition). Instructor: Aurora Ramos-Zuniga. Instructor: Aurora Ramos-Zuñiga

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Introduction to Drawing

Learn to see as an artist sees. With pencil in hand, you will improve your drawing skills in just a few lessons. If you have never tried this process, you owe it to yourself. All you need is a pencil and sketchbook and the willingness to learn something new. Dan McBain is the instructor.

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Tai Chi Chuan for Beginners

Tai Chi has been described as meditation in motion. Have fun, relax and experience various QiGong exercises and the Yang 24-movement short form. You will also learn how the movements of the form can be applied to self-defense, although that will not be a major focus of the course. Dr. James Clark, instructor.

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Aikido for Self Defense and Fitness

Learn self-defense and improve coordination, flexibility and cardio-fitness while reducing stress. The gentle martial art of Aikido features holds and throws applied in a circular manner allowing you to protect yourself without violence. Learn while having fun in a relaxed, noncompetitive atmosphere. Dr. James Clark, MS, MPH, Sandan (3rd level black belt) has been teaching Aikido since 1974 and self-defense at UTSA for 20 years.

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Introduction to Computers

This class is for individuals who are new to the computer and will be taught at a beginners pace. Students will learn the basics in a hands-on environment. Students will gain an understanding of computer software, hardware, and peripherals; understand and use Desktop objects; examine Window elements; and understand computer security. There are no pre-requisites for this class.

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Welding, Basic

Learn gas welding and cutting of steel, stick welding and MIG welding. Bring a welding hood and safety glasses and wear work boots, a long-sleeve cotton shirt and blue jeans without tears or holes. A $30 lab fee for the 10-week class is payable to the instructor at the first class. Instructor is Matt Stetler.

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Introduction to PowerPoint ®2013

Learn to use many of the basic features of Microsoft® PowerPoint ®2013. Follow step-by-step instructions for creating presentations; adding new slides; using spell check; saving a presentation; previewing a presentation; inserting clip art; moving and re-sizing objects; using graphic images from the Internet; moving, copying, and deleting slides; adding transitions; adding animations; and applying a template.

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