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Vintage Furniture Painting 101

Learn to transform your furniture pieces with chalk-based paint, the hottest trend in home decorating, using our Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint. Whether you’ve been painting and refinishing and want to try this paint line or maybe it’s the first time you’ve dabbled in chalk-based paint, come try these amazing paints. Bring a small piece (picture frames, wooden letter, wood framed mirror, etc.) from home and transform it into something beautiful. Everyone will leave with a completed piece to take home and show off! A supply fee of $35 is payable to the instructor at the beginning of class. Brought to you by Lisa Mendiola of Burlap Junkies.

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Cyber Security 101 - Protecting Your Information and Privacy Online

While the Internet is a useful resource, it can also be dangerous, especially when it comes to our personal information and privacy. In this course you will learn how to protect yourself and your family from hackers and cyber-criminals and the tricks of their trade, including viruses, ransomware, and phishing. You will receive tips to secure your home computers and wireless network, your smartphones and tablets, and your digital presence. Tips on protecting yourself from retailer data breaches will also be provided. Instructor Ron Schekman is an Information Security Specialist.

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Yoga for Seniors

Stretch, breathe and relax in this wonderful class designed specifically for seniors. You will strengthen your physical body, learn easy meditations and enjoy doing Kundalini Yoga with licensed instructor Madeline Hernandez. All postures are offered with modifications for your own individual needs and goals. You may sit in a chair or bring a cushion. Wear comfortable clothes, Bring a water bottle, yoga mat and blanket.

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Cake Boot Camp

This two-week intensive cake decorating course for beginners will take your cakes from “meh” to marvelous! You will learn basic buttercream techniques such as frosting a cake, piping borders, and creating flowers with icing. A supply list can be obtained by visiting This fast-paced class will help jumpstart your holiday baking! Melissa Tarun is a Wilton Method Trained Cake Decorating Instructor and owner of Sweetest Whimsy.

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Do-it-Yourself Landscaping

Before you spend big bucks to hire a landscape designer or architect, there are many things you can do concerning the design of beds around your house and yard. Master Gardener Dr. Tom Harris (who is not a landscape architect) will show you how to do most of the design process yourself. He'll help you get started drafting your plan and offer tips on selecting and planting the right varieties.

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Spanish, Advanced- Literature

This course will cover Spanish literature (short stories) from all over the Spanish-speaking world (e.g. Vallejo, Rulfo, Neruda, García Marquez, Vargas Llosa). One of its goals is to give students the opportunity to explore, analyze, discuss and translate works of literature from around the Spanish-speaking world. The textbook is "Abriendo Puertas: Antologia de literatura en espanol Tomo I" (Spanish Edition). Instructor: Aurora Ramos-Zuniga.

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Paper Bead Bracelet and Earrings

This is a great way to recycle magazines into wearable paper beads. You will construct beads out of colorful paper then add crystals to make this bracelet and earring set pop. The kit fee of $25 is payable to instructor, Kim Hartman and includes a variety of magazines, all of the findings and the crystals for accents. This is truly a one-of-a-kind look! No discount.

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Harmonica, Level 4: Improvising on the Harmonica

This class is for intermediate (or near intermediate) to advanced players. The harmonica is an ideal instrument with which to "wow" others by making up your own music. In this class, you will learn how to create your own variations when playing a popular song, as well as "tricks" for constructing your own licks when jamming to 12-bar blues. You will also gain experience in accompanying and soloing with various types of music. Finally, everyone will get a chance to play with other musicians, particularly guitarists and other harmonica players. The atmosphere will be low-stress, with a focus on experimentation, not performance. Ten-hole diatonic harmonicas in the keys of A and C are required, but there will also be occasional use of D, F, G and Bb. Dr. Don McRee is a clinical psychologist who has played harmonica since age five and participated in harmonica conferences and master classes around the country.

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