NEISD - Community Education

Culinary Arts - Chicken 101

Did you know you can make a sauce out of chicken wings? Did you know a chicken carcass can be turned into broth? After this class you will be capable of utilizing an entire chicken like a kitchen professional. You will learn how to break down a whole chicken and debone it and how to use individual parts and different types of cooking methods. This class can help your wallet in the grocery store and expand your culinary abilities. Please wear closed toe shoes and an apron; tie back long hair, remove all jewelry below the wrists and bring a to-go container to class. A $20 supply fee is payable to instructor Katrina Filippone at the beginning of class.

North East Community Learning Center Rm. 100C, 1 Session, Mon, Beg. 10/21/2019, 6:00 PM-9:00 PM, $39.00

  • Supply fee payable to the instructor
  • Adults Only