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Youth & Teen Classes - Snapology: Fidget Spinners Galore! (Ages 5-12)

Fidget spinners are both fun and mesmerizing, which explains why they have become a must-have item for kids! Students will learn all about center bearings as they are challenged to create their own versions of this popular toy using LEGO® bricks. After mastering the basic build, students will foster their creative design skills to create an even more advanced version of the basic spinner build. Trial and error, modification skills and problem solving will be challenged as students explore the engineering process. A Snapology instructor will also guide a discussion on fidget spinner etiquette and the implications of using fidget spinners at inappropriate times. Students will take home a Snapology mini-figure.

North East Community Learning Center Rm. 204, 1 Session, Sat, Beg. 3/3/2018, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM, $39.00

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