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Recreation & Leisure - Become a Digital Nomad

Live and work wherever you want. Become a digital nomad and be location independent. You no longer have to choose between work and travel - you can have both! Make your travels sustainable by earning a living as you travel. Pay zero rent or mortgage. Learn about jobs that support this lifestyle and the “how to” of living on the road (downsizing, putting your stuff in storage, getting your mail, how to have a physical “address,” the RV lifestyle, timeshares, live on board a cruise ship, international living, long-term rentals, housesitting, office out of your car or RV, getting Wi-Fi and more). Instructor, Gina Henry, founder of Go Global, Inc., has been a professional traveler for over 26 years is location independent and travels year round. Gina’s book “How to Create Your Money-Making Travel Lifestyle on the Road: Become a Digital Nomad” will be available to purchase for an additional $15.

Zoom , 1 Session, Sat, Beg. 8/7/2021, 11:00 AM-2:00 PM, $50.00

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  • Adults Only