NEISD - Community Education

Language & Communication - Intermediate/Advanced English Pronunciation

Do you feel like you have a decent knowledge of the English language but still struggle at times with being understood by American English-speakers? This class is for high-intermediate and advanced ESL students who wish to practice and improve their English speaking and pronunciation skills. The focus of this class is to help students who have some confidence in English already but struggle in being understood when speaking English due to pronunciation, intonation and stress issues. Topics covered include: how to better predict vowel and consonant pronunciation when faced with new or unfamiliar words, how to improve pronunciation of vowels and consonants, word and sentence stress, ideas on how to practice at home and other topics as needed. This is a fast-paced class, taught entirely in English, that covers a lot of information in a short period of time and is not recommended for low or low-intermediate learners. Flor Nuno-Winterle is the instructor.