NEISD - Community Education

Youth After School Classes - Kid Entrepreneurs (Grades 4-5)

Is your child the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney or Henry Ford? Do they have an interest in running their own business and getting their ideas out on the market? If so, then this class is for them! Students will explore their interests and will learn how to build a company around what they enjoy. They will also learn all about the basics of money to include budgeting, saving, debt, investing, and giving. YoungNtrepreneur instructor Claudia Lazaneo will guide the students on how to build healthy money habits early on for success in their future. All supplies are included.

Hidden Forest Elementary Rm. 11 No class on October 14 and November 25, 12 Sessions, Mon, Beg. 9/9/2019, 3:05 PM-4:35 PM, $199.00

Longs Creek Elementary Rm. 36 No class on October 11 and November 29, 12 Sessions, Fri, Beg. 9/13/2019, 3:25 PM-4:55 PM, $199.00