NEISD - Community Education

Language & Communication - Japanese, Beginning Level 1

In this course, you will learn pronunciation (which is not difficult), how to introduce yourself, writing your name in Japanese and basic sentence and question structures that lead to holding beginning level conversations, such as “How are you?,” “Where is xyz?,” “Do you like xyz?,” etc. This class will focus on listening and speaking and will use a Romanized text, instead of one using the Japanese writing script. Instructor Roger Pratt lived a total of 19 years in Japan, got his undergraduate degree at Jochi Daigaku (Sophia University) International Division, Tokyo; a Master's in East Asian Studies at FSU; and previously taught Japanese language at UTSA. The textbook, "Japanese for Busy People, Third Edition," ISBN-13: 978-1568363844, with a CD, is available from Amazon,, etc.

Reagan High School Rm. TX 146, 8 Weeks, Wed, Beg. 9/18/2019, 6:00 PM-7:15 PM, $69.00

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