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Creative Expressions - Harmonica, Beginning - Level 2

Build upon the skills acquired in Harmonica, Beginning - Level 1. However, the level 1 class is not a prerequisite. You are a candidate for the level 2 class if you have had previous experience playing the harmonica, can play several simple melodies and can play single notes fairly well. Familiarity with the 12-bar blues progression is also a plus. Topics in the level 2 class include rhythm harmonica, note-bending, tongue-blocking and ways to improvise and create music on the harmonica – all aimed at getting a richer tone in your playing. Participants will need two 10-hole harmonicas: keys of C and A (preferably Hohner Special 20 or Seydel Blues Session Standard.)After enrollment, the instructor will contact you to inquire if you want to purchase harmonica(s) at the first class meeting. Instructor Dr. Don McRee is a clinical psychologist who has played harmonica since age five and participated in harmonica conferences and master classes around the country.