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Youth/Teen Summer Catalog - Middle School S.O.S.! (Study & Organization Skills) 7th-9th Summer 2022

Is your middle school student missing key S.O.S. (Study and Organization Skills) that are needed to succeed in advanced courses? With the right tools and dynamic practice, Brainiac’s S.O.S. course develops lifelong learners who embody the necessary study habits and organizational skills needed to succeed in and out of the classroom. Topics include growth mindset, organizing schoolwork, scheduling, accessing resources, effective note-taking, levels of knowledge, classroom etiquette, academic integrity, test-taking tricks and more. These topics are hidden in age-appropriate materials to prevent youth from yawning and rolling their eyes. Instruction provided by Brainiac, LLC.

North East Community Learning Center , 1 Week, Mon-Thurs, Beg. 7/25/2022, 6:30 PM-8:30 PM, $247.00

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