NEISD - Community Education

Youth & Teen Classes - Basketball Skills Academy (Ages 9-14, Advanced)

Valour Nation introduces young athletes to basketball skills and fundamentals that are suited to their experience level. Students registered in the advance course should have at least two years of competitive basketball experience to include club and/or middle school basketball team play. Students should be able to dribble and maintain control of the ball at full speed, perform change of direction moves while running, execute and make lay ups, execute proper shooting form, understand and recognize passing windows and finish either hand around the basket. Ability and prior knowledge in how to execute in two-on-one situations and foundational footwork out of a triple threat position (open steps, cross steps, jab steps) is recommended. Advanced students will develop their lay-up package to include up and under finishes, reverse lay ups, Euro step finishes and more. The advanced class will use small-sided games to develop positive play habits and teach students to handle the ball with defenders in their bubble, beat pressure defense, attacking double teams, score from different spots on the floor, score with contact and more. Athletes should bring a basketball and personal water bottle to each class.

Encino Park Elementary Gym 1 No class on March 11, 10 Sessions, Wed, Beg. 2/26/2020, 7:30 PM-8:30 PM, $125.00