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Youth & Teen Classes - SAT Seminar (Grades 9-11)

Doorway to College Foundation presents a seminar that will allow students to become more familiar with the SAT while providing an opportunity to improve their scores. Although time and effort spent working on materials covered in class is a factor, experience shows that this seminar is effective! Students who take this seminar achieve an average score increase of 50 to 200 points on the SAT. The ZAPSĀ® Test Prep has been the leading provider of ACT/SAT/PSAT test-preparation seminars since 1984.

Zoom , 1 Session, Wed, Beg. 7/20/2022, 6:00 PM-8:30 PM, $110.00

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Zoom , 1 Session, Thurs, Beg. 7/21/2022, 6:00 PM-8:30 PM, $110.00

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