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Youth/Teen Summer Catalog - Ultimate STEM Design Challenges (K-5th) Summer 2022

Do you love building bridges, skyscrapers, cars, boats, and protective enclosure? Every day you will discover first hand how to create and build unique structures needed in society. Work in a team to race against the clock to design a way to protect an egg when it is dropped. Build the tallest structure given specific materials. Build a bridge that can support the most weight before falling apart. Design and create a car that can go the farthest by overcoming friction. You will love every daily S.T.E.M. challenge. Learn to work as a team and as an individual to capture the coveted Jr. Engineering Award of Excellence! Imagination, design, creativity & and the ability to build all play a part in becoming the Ultimate Jr. Engineer.

Vineyard Ranch Elementary , 1 Week, Mon-Fri, Beg. 6/27/2022, 1:00 PM-4:00 PM, $145.00

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  • Supply fee payable to the instructor