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Health & Wellness - Heartfulness Guided Relaxation and Meditation - Online

By tuning-in to our heart, we learn to be centered in our highest self. Strengthen that connection and cultivate an inner knowing that wisely directs and guides our lives. Grow to face the challenges of life with courage and acceptance. Live by the heart and become what we are meant to be. This class provides a structured program for interested people to spend about 10 minutes to relax and 20 minutes to meditate and gradually feel the overall calmness and wellness that will positively impact your daily activities. It also opens up the possibility of feeling good about oneself, while developing healthy, harmonious and confident individuals to create a vibrant community. Instructor Naveen Chillara has been practicing meditation for 20 years and is certified by Sahaj Marg Foundation.

Zoom , 8 Weeks, Mon, Beg. 2/8/2021, 7:00 PM-8:00 PM, $0.00

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  • Adults Only