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Guide to Retirement Planning

You have worked a lifetime to achieve financial success. Learn how to properly set goals and calculate how much you will need to maintain your lifestyle, as you define it throughout retirement! You will receive a 230 page textbook covering all class topics. Most importantly, your instructors will explain why people run out of money in retirement and how you can plan to help make sure that it doesn't happen to you. It is never too late to work toward financial peace of mind! Couples may attend together for only one registration fee. Upon completion of your online registration, please call (210) 407-0140, option 3 to enroll your spouse for free. Your instructors are: Jay Howard, FSS, CLTC, radio personality and former "Voice of the Spurs," Logan Dietel, CFP, CLTC, FSS. Class sizes are limited. No discount.

Introduction to Medicare

Are you: Turning 65? Coming off Employer Benefits? New to Medicare? Medicare is a complex and evolving program. This course provides a basic introduction to this health insurance program for individuals turning 65 or for those who would like a refresher. We’ll also cover people with certain disabilities, and take a close look into all the different Parts that make up Medicare. You’ll learn about the costs associated with having Medicare only (Original Medicare) or with a private insurance company with many different options to fit your lifestyle and needs. We will be reviewing the roles of the Social Security Administration, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the IRS and their impact on your premiums and deductibles. This course is designed to educate those who are new to medicare via turning 65, coming off of employer benefits or have have been deemed disabled by Social Security for two or more years.

Medicare 101

Medicare doesn’t have to be confusing. Our educational class breaks it down into manageable pieces, helping you better understand your coverage and sign-up options. The event is free, so all you need to do is attend and invite your closest friends. All are welcome!

Can't find the course you're looking for or is there a course you want to teach? Suggest a new course.