NEISD - Community Education

Youth & Teen Classes - Jr. Pet Vet (Ages 5-10)

Does your child dream of becoming a veterinarian? Do they enjoy helping pets, livestock and/or have a fascination with zoo animals? Then this class is for them! Students will gain hands-on experience as they learn the skills needed to become a veterinarian, tools and equipment used, the various specialties in animal care, health and much more. Throughout the week, the class will observe and dissect real hearts, shark, fetal pig and more under the instruction of former science teacher, John MacLaren. Care for common pets including how to feed, water, clean and properly love various pets will also be discussed. At the end of the week, each student will take home and care for one of the following stuffed pets: dog, cat, bird, snake, mouse, rabbit or other. This class is sure to build upon their curiosity about the veterinarian world!