NEISD - Community Education

Language & Communication - Arabic, Beginning Level 2 - Online

In level 2 of Arabic, Beginning instructor Girgis Bakhoum will build on the structures, vocabulary and topics learned in beginning Arabic. Students will begin to conjugate verbs using tense and gender and express duals and plurals. Students will learn to form full sentences in Arabic and how to negate them. As in the Arabic, Beginning class, the focus will be on oral communication. This is a distance learning hybrid class held through Google Meet and Google Classroom. Instructions for logging into Google Meet and Google Classroom will be emailed by the instructor prior to the first class meeting. Please register using your Gmail account. If you do not currently have a Gmail account, please create your account prior to registering. Pre-record lessons and class assignments will be available on Tuesdays starting on September 22 through Google Classroom. Live discussions will be held on Sundays starting September 27 from 2:00-3:30 p.m. through Google Meet.