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Creative Expressions - Ukrainian Egg-Dyeing Beginners Workshop

Prepare yourself to be amazed! The keys to success in international folk-art, are steps and techniques - not inborn art talent or experience! You will receive hands-on experience in the entire process as you learn to create design fields, populate them with easy-to-draw motifs, achieve exceptional craftsmanship and apply brilliant colors separated by razor-sharp lines. No measuring devices or math is needed. Please bring two uncooked chicken eggs with unblemished, smooth shells and a roll of paper towels. All other supplies will be provided. Achieve success with a master instructor/cultural anthropologist, Cathleen Handlin, M.A., who has taught on two cable television networks.

North East Community Learning Center Rm. 201, 2 Weeks, Fri, Beg. 3/20/2020, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM, $89.00

  • Adults Only