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Creative Expressions - Ukrainian Egg-Dyeing: Tiny Acorns & Mighty Oaks

This is a HANDS-ON workshop, taught on Zoom. Looking for a new class that will captivate you and amaze others? One that teaches you little-known ways to create gifts that are valued, and last for generations? In this class, you’ll complete some stunning Ukrainian eggs, a folk-art tradition that’s treasured worldwide. Our master instructor will guide you through the easy step-by-step process, proving that any pattern is possible, one step at-a-time. Amaze yourself, as you create well-balanced designs that incorporate acorns and oak leaves (Ukrainian symbols of strength and longevity). You’ll learn the entire process, and have some sparkling creations to present as gifts, or sell as income. Celebrate Autumn by learning design concepts that work on both 2 and 3-dimensional surfaces. Rejoice! The discoveries you make, will be FUN as you learn, and are adaptable to most hobbies.

Zoom , 3 Weeks, Tues, Beg. 11/2/2021, 6:00 PM-8:00 PM, $95.00

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